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How to Save Money On Language Interpreting Equipment

Linguali-IS revolutionises the way interpreters, speakers and event participants interact together

The Linguali Interpreting System replaces traditional conference interpreting equipment and allows interpreters, speakers and participants to speak and be heard using only their connected mobile device. The Linguali-IS interpreter application runs on Windows 10. Speaker and participant apps run on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

Why Linguali?

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… need to acquire and retain quality agents and customers – all the while challenged with fewer jobs, degraded working conditions and constant downward price pressure
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Interpreting Agencies

… struggle to complete interpreting contracts profitably, all the while respecting interpreters’ pay and working conditions
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Event organisers

… need to optimise complex multilingual events… with ever tightening budgets
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Conference facilities

… need to fill their meeting rooms, and provide value added services – profitably – in the face of stiff competition and reduced costs and resources
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Linguali-IS (Linguali Interpreting System) meets the challenges of modern conference interpreting

Linguali-IS leverages the advantages of BYOD

Everyone has a smartphone or web-enabled device – let them be part of the solution! Thats the Bring Your Own Device solution.

Linguali-IS means moving from analogue to digital

…we have evolved from the telephone box to the mobile. No more specialised devices – it’s time for simple solutions and smart enabling technologies.

Linguali-IS means decentralisation and autonomy

Substantial savings put Linguali-IS in everyone’s hands: conference and event organisers, interpreting agencies, conference facilities and even freelance interpreters!


Linguali-IS is simple, and smart

The new market rule but… without sacrificing sound quality or user experience. Linguli-IS is easy to use and requires no technical expertise (or technician)!

How does it work?

Interpreter tasks

A few minutes before the event, the interpreter connects their laptop computer to the wireless network, and launches Linguali-IS. The event set-up page is then displayed.

On the event settings page, the interpreter choses the languages they wish to work in and the event name. The event is then live.

The event can now be found by the users’ mobile application.

The Interpreter Console provides the basic interpreting features: allowing interpreters to switch between languages, set the volume and switch the microphone off.

The user experience

The participant must select the same Wifi network as the interpreter and launch the Linguali free app on their smartphone or tablet. As soon as the interpreter starts the event from his console, the mobile app can discover the event.

The user simply selects his language, puts his earphones in and listens to the interpreter.

The speaker presses the microphone icon to start the session, and can then be heard by the interpreter.

Note that is also convenient for informal bilingual meetings where any participant can talk.
The feature allows any event attendee to ask a question and for it to be translated during Q&A sessions.

How to Save Money On Language Interpreting Equipment

Linguali-IS (Interpreting System) replaces traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment. It allows interpreters, speakers and participants to speak and listen with their connected mobile device.

Does Linguali-IS replace interpreters?

No! Linguali is for interpreters.

Does Linguali-IS work with a sound desk?
Yes! You can integrate Linguali-IS with a sound control desk in input and output.
Does Linguali-IS support relay?
Yes! Simply plug your headset into a connected device to hear your source language and your microphone into your computer for your target language.
What do I need to use Linguai-IS?
Linguali-IS requires:


  • A wireless network (see above)
  • A high quality headset and micophone with:
    – TRRS jack connectors (these are the same as found for smart-phone headsets that include microphone and headphones using the same jack plug)
    – USB headset with built-in microphone
    – External condenser microphone (USB) with output for headsets.

See the Linguali store for essential accessories.

How many participants can use Linguali?
This depends mainly on the capacity and reach of the wireless network. With a single mid range wireless access point (available on the linguali store) you can have up to 20 connected participants, if you double the access points you double the number of participants. For large events we suggest you talk to a local wireless installer for a custom set up. Some sites and meeting rooms install dedicated wifi networks for Linguali.
Is Linguali-IS for remote interpreting?
No! Linguali-IS is used by the interpreter at the event. Linguali-IS replaces traditional interpreting equipment, this means you no longer need to rent consoles, headsets etc…
Does any wireless network work with Linguali-IS?
Most systems work, but we generally suggest you avoid any wireless networks that require captive portal access that are used by the general public. You can buy a portable wireless access point from Linguali that will serve up to 20 participants. For larger groups we recommend a dedicated multi-point wireless network.
Can Linguali-IS be used to record interpreters?
Not directly from the PC application, but it is possible to record to a connected device.
Do participants pay to use the Linguali app for their mobile device?
No. The mobile app is free for participants and speakers, the license holder of linguali-IS is charged 2€ per day per participant and speaker that is connected. There is a minimum monthly charge of €20 if there are no connections made.
How powerful does my computer need to be?
Linguali-IS is designed to run on a mid-range laptop PC:
– Intel® Core i7 2,6 GHz
– RAM 8 Go 1600 MHz
– HDD 1 To 7200
– Wifi 802.11ac or 802.11n
– OS Windows 8.1 64 bits
Does Linguali-IS need a sound desk?
No! Linguali-IS is an autonomous system that only requires a wireless network.


How many language pairs does Linguali-IS support?
Linguali-IS supports one language pair per computer, so if you have French <> English say, then you need one computer running Linguali-IS. If you need a second language pair (Spanish<>English) then you need a second computer running Linguali also. Basically, it is identical to using consoles in this respect.


What is the sound quality of Linguali-IS?
Linguali-IS respects ISO 20109 interpreting standard requirements (where applicable).


How do I pay and when?
Linguali charges your credit card or paypal automatically at the end of each month. You receive an automatic email with the invoice and all a detailed report of connection usage with dates. You can also generate reports for dates in your online Linguali user account and generate pro-forma reports so that you can invoice your customer for the number of users during an event.


What about mobile phone batteries running out?
Most modern smartphones can last for a full day running Linguali, but of course not all phones. We therefore recommend that you inform event participants before they arrive that they need to remember to bring chargers with them, and if they have them, powerpacks to recharge their phones and tablets during the day. Linguali provides good value powerpacks in the store that you can provide as event gifts for your participants.


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