Since the Internet has taken an important position in our lives and in our work, it is very important to know what tools to use to optimize your communication’s quality. Indeed, there are several factors to take into account when choosing a videoconferencing tool:

  • Your interlocutor’s experience with the technological tools: if he knows how to adjust his microphone / camera, screen sharing etc.
  • Analyze your own situation and needs: if you are abroad, call from a phone or computer, your budget …

To help you in this choice, you will find in this blog several tools of videoconferencing, web seminar or e-learning conference, with different functions, prices and capacities.

Skype – The essential

Video calling, screen sharing, instant messaging and even sending documents, Skype is an essential tool for your videoconferences; Thanks to its reputation around the world, you can be sure that your customers, colleagues, or friends have an account on the platform.

Available on all of the operating systems, Skype is the essential tool in terms of call and videoconferencing. Its mobile app (also available on all operating systems) gives you quick and easy access to all your contacts wherever you are.

For larger companies, Skype Business allows you to do videoconference up to 250 people and register them.

Skype also has a pay functionality to make phone calls to landline and mobile phones and generate a phone number so you can stay connected on the go!

Google Hangouts – The reachable

Unlike Skype, Google Hangout requires no software installation: all you need is a Google Account!

A bit simpler to use than Skype, Hangouts still offers several interesting features:

You can share your videoconference live on your Youtube channel (convenient if you are doing webinars, interviewing or want to interact with your community in real time).

With Google Hangouts, you can also schedule a video call in advance by creating an event that will appear directly in your Google Calendar, and your guests’ . It is the Google +’s notifications system that keeps them informed of the development related to the event.

And of course, you will find all the useful features for a videoconference: screen sharing, documents, sound and image settings etc.

Appear In – The easiest is without a doubt the easiest tool: it allows you to create in a few clicks a videoconference for up to 8 people.


Totally free, you don’t need to install any software or register to use Appear.In : just go to the website, give a name to your videoconference and share the link with the people you want to call!

Despite the simplicity of the interface and the few adjustments available, goes to the point and perfectly replaces Skype for quick calls and is ideal for meetings with few people. Everyone is free to use their microphone or camera and can share their screen at any time. Like any videoconferencing tool, the video and sound quality depends on your Internet connection and your collaborators’.

Appear.In only works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Webex – The most professional

Developed by Cisco group, Webex is mainly destined to companies. Less efficient than Skype (because it can host only 100 people per call), Webex allows you to share documents during meetings, record it or even schedule the in coming meetings.

With the free version, once the application is installed, you have an ID that allows you to create a virtual conference room in which you can invite up to 3 participants, share your screen and send documents.

The pay version for companies (from 19€ to 70€/month) lets you invite up to 100 persons to your meeting, ensuring the security required for your document sharing.

Adobe Connect – Videoconferencing and e-learning

Adobe Connect brings together several software tools to suit your needs and those of your company:

Adobe Connect Meetings: Create your online meeting room fitting your brand identity, and organize meetings with up to 100 people with a customized URL. You can share documents, files, and notes safely with the people invited to your meeting.

Adobe Connect Webinars: organize webinars and invite up to 1500 people! Your seminars are accessible from mobile devices, and participants can be in total immersion thanks to the multimedia content offered by the platform and to video conferences. You can easily organize your seminar, from the participants’ list to the registration sheet’s personalization, to create a universe that suit you. With this tool, you can follow the progress of each seminar and analyze the participants’ interactions.

Adobe Connect Learning : Tired of boring virtual courses? Try Adobe Connect Learning and create dynamic, interactive courses. You can organize e-learning sessions for up to 200 employees by offering all the comfort provided by Adobe: permanent, personalized and branded virtual courses, interactive content and follow-up of each participant until the end of the training.

As usual, Adobe tools’ quality have a price ($ 50 to $ 370 / month) but this is probably the only downside of this tool.

You now have all the infos to choose the videoconferencing tools that best fit your needs!

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