Conference Interpreting with Linguali-IS,

Linguali provides an innovative and cost effective solution for providing conference interpreting at international events. Linguali is the world’s first simultaneous interpreting solution that requires no equipment. Interpreters’ work from PC’s and conference participants use their mobile device (iOS & Android) to listen to the interpreter.

Because you do not need to rent participant headsets Using Linguali-IS can reduce your simultaneous interpreting equipment budget from 30% – 90% depending upon your configuration and the size of the event.

Why use Linguali-IS for Conference Interpreting?

  • ISO compliant sound quality for interpreters (125 Hz – 12500 Hz)
  • Enhanced quality sound for participants
  • Up to 60 connected participants
  • Up to 90% cheaper than traditional SI equipment
  • Reduced logistics and maintenance
  • Customers only pay for the actual number of users
  • Integrates fully with PA and sound desk

Fast and Simple Simultaneous Interpreting Deployment

  • Stand-alone with simply a PC and router – provide immediate simultaneous interpretation for small events and meetings where there is no PA or sound desk. Linguali-IS deploys in seconds and with our recommended router, will handle groups of up to 60 connected participants. Participants’ mobile devices can also become live microphones for interpretation, meaning interpreters can always hear speakers directly in their headsets
  • Integrated with sound desk and floor mics – It takes one cable and a couple of seconds to integrate Linguali-IS into the main sound system at your event. A mobile device (smartphone / tablet) is connected directly to the sound desk and activated as the interpretation source. Interpreters hear the speakers directly in their PC headset. Because all services are provided over the WIFI network, no cabling is necessary between the Interpreters and the sound desk, making set up fast and simple.

Use Linguali-IS at Your Event

It is incredibly simple to deploy Linguali-IS for conference interpreting at your event. In most cases (for groups up to 60 people), no particular equipment is required, just the PC running Linguali-IS and a wireless router. For larger events with technicians, we recommend that they integrate Linguali-IS simultaneous interpreting on your behalf. This takes the pressure off interpreters and allows them to concentrate on what they do best, interpreting! If you would like more information or advice regarding using Linguali at your upcoming event, then please get in touch with us using the form below.

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Linguali Certified Interpretation Partners

Linguali partners with interpretation agencies, expert technicians and AV companies around the world to ensure that your event goes as smoothly as it should. If you would like more information or to become a Certified Interpretation Partner, then please visit our Linguali Certified Interpretation Partners page.