Linguali Certified Interpretation Partners

Linguali works in close cooperation with leading interpreting agencies,  equipment providers and event production companies around the world for medium to large scale events and conferences. Do you provide interpretation and AV and equipment services for simultaneous interpretation? If so, and you are interested in adding Linguali-IS to your service and becoming a Linguali Certified Interpretation Partner, then please get in touch.


Why Linguali?

Linguali Interpreting System (Linguali-IS) is an innovative solution for simultaneous interpretation that provides advantages to you, the professional, as well as your customer:

  • Reduced logistics and maintenance
  • A scaleable solution
  • Unlimited participants (depends on WiFi)
  • Charge customers only pay for the actual amount of connected users, no more waste
  • Substantial competitive advantage and cost reducions
  • Simple and fast integrations with sound desks and existing equipment
  • An innovative and modern approach to simultaneous interpreting

Become a Linguali Certified Interpretation Partner

Linguali Certified Interpretations Partners:

  • are professional interpretation agencies, and
  • sound / interpretation equipment companies
  • have regular and substantial demand for simultaneous interpretation
  • actively promote Linguali-IS as an innovative and effective solution
  • are promoted through Linguali marketing programs
  • are listed in detail on the Linguali website for business leads
  • are providers of the market’s most innovative and competitive simultaneous interpreting solution

Certified Interpreting Partner Enquiry