Download Linguali-IS

Revolutionize the delivery of simultaneous interpreting.
Linguali-IS is available for interpreters on desktop applications. For speakers and participants, you can download the mobile app. We are developing applications for all platforms to ensure maximum compatibility for all your devices.

Linguali-IS for interpreters

The trial version you can download here is limited to 20 minutes of use, at which time the event will automatically stop and the application will revert to the event set up page. When you are ready to start working with Linguali-IS you can sign up and you will receive your license key that will unlock the time limit.


Requires Windows 7 or later

Linguali for participants

⚠️ The Linguali User mobile Interface App works only when in the range of the event’s interpreter Wi-Fi; alone, the mobile app does not offer any service. Ask your event’s interpreter or organizer for help.


Requires Android 4.2 or later


Requires iOS 8 or later