Educational License

The Linguali educational license is available to interpretation students and teachers. It is our policy to support the adoption of Linguali by tomorrow’s professional interpreters.

The educational license provides all the functionalities of the professional license, and can be used for teaching interpretation, as well as interpretation at non-paying educational events.

Because we do not want price to be a barrier, the Linguali Educational License is available for only 20 € (excl. taxes) per month for unlimited use.

Applying for an Educational License

To apply for an educational license, please sign up as a customer:

  • in the email field, please us the address supplied by your school
  • in the company name field, please enter the name of your school
  • then click on the “Educational License” check box


When we receive your application, we will send you a welcome email, that is sent to the address that you provided.

To complete your subscription, you must send a scanned copy of your student card or school ID, or any other document that confirms your status, with the dates of study or employment if applicable.

Upon reception of your student or school ID, we will activate your educational license.

ready to sign up?

Good luck with your interpretation studies!