The Vinitech-Sifel tradeshow takes place in Bordeaux every year, and is the world’s largest tradeshow for boutique and industrial wine growers. More than 750 exhibitors come to present their products and technologies to over 45,000 trade visitors in 65,000 sqm of the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre.

The event attracts visitors from Western and Eastern Europe, The Americas, and beyond, with more than 80 nationalities represented it is truly an international event.

Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux (CEB), the organisers of the event have a strong policy of innovation, and Linguali were honoured to be invited to provide interpretation systems at this prestigious events.

On this occasion, Linguali was used in conjunction with the sound desk in the main control room of the conference centre. An ipad was plugged into the sound desk output using an XLR <> jack cable (to get a little more technical it is a TRRS jack plug, which is the version used in smartphones to have microphone and speakers in the one jack plug, they can be bought on Amazon for about 25 Euros). The ipad connected to the sound desk allowed us to pick up all the incoming sound from the floor microphones.

The Interpreters PC was set up in the interpreting booth, and the wireless router in the next booth along. Linguali-IS was ready to go.

The participants of the event were informed in the morning of the use of Linguali, so most of them had already downloaded the mobile application prior to arriving. For those that had not downloaded the mobile app, a slide was projected on the main screen explaining the 3 steps to use Linguali: 1. Download the mobile app. 2. Connect to the Linguali WIFI network. 3. Launch the Linguali mobile app. It really is as simple as that.


The technicians and interpreters had unfortunately not been informed before the event that they would be using this new system. As an interpreter myself I had very much wanted to speak to the interpreters before the event and show them Linguali, this however proved to be impossible. Therefore on arrival there was some concern on their part regarding using a new and unknown system. To their great credit however, they agreed to jump into the deep end!

And how did it go? We had 40 participants requiring interpretation during the afternoon of conferences and it went without a hitch: the sound quality was excellent (better than the headsets being used in the room next door for another event), the system was totally stable, and no participants had any problems that could not be resolved in a couple of seconds.


The CEB are delighted with the results and intend to use Linguali across the entire event next year, and with the savings they will increase the number of conferences that are translated, providing more work for interpreters.

The sound technicians that we worked with expressed concern that we would be ‘destroying their jobs’. This is a good opportunity to clear up this question. In a conference interpretation setting technicians are required to manage the floor sound, lights, screens, etc…. Linguali does not change this. What we change is the equipment that is used to provide interpretation services, most notably the headsets. So does this change the way they work? Yes. Does it reduce the need for technicians at conferences: No, not at all.

It does, however, reduce the need for headsets. Another opportunity therefore to show you the number of headsets provided in an adjoining event, and the number used…. A picture says a thousand words, so I’ll let you do the maths yourself! This is what Linguali changes…


Linguali is currently expanding its Certified Event Partner network. Are you a sound engineering / AV / interpretation equipment provider? Then get in touch with us and start providing the next generation simultaneous interpretation service. Do you have an event and want to use Linguali for your interpretation? Then let us find the right partner for you!