Simultaneous Interpreting without the equipment

Linguali replaces the conferences simultaneous interpreting equipment. Participants listen to the interpreters on their own Apple or Android smartphone.

Does Linguali replace the interpreters?

No, on the contrary! Linguali was founded by a conference interpreter, we take interpreting seriously and respect interpreters’ conditions.

Does Linguali work with a sound desk?

Yes! Linguali audio acquisition is direct from the sound desk via XLR/Jack.

Does Linguali allow relay interpreting?

Yes. The Linguali Event console provides relay, for multiple languages it is also possible to integrate traditional interpretation equipment).

As an intrepreter, what do I need to use Linguali?

As an interpreter you don’t need any specific equipment. You can always bring alog your own USB microphone headset if you prefer.

How many participants can use Linguali?

Linguali Event can manage unlimited users, dependent upon the capacity of the WiFi and network.

What types of networks does Linguali work on?

Linguali works over 3G and 4G networks, as well as WiFi. Linguali Event can also work solely over local WiFi networks meaning it is independent of internet. For large groups Linguali has specific network specifications.

How about recording?

Recording is possible with Linguali, obviously with the interpreters’ permission!

How much does it cost for the participants?

The ost to participants is zero. The mobile application is free and if the venue provide’s WiFi, there is no roaming charge either for international attendees.

Is there a recomended computer?

The Linguali interpreter console runs on Mac and Windows, when Linguali is providing the service then all equipment is provided.

Does Linguali require a sound desk?

Linguali integrates with sound desks, but can also work stand alone in ‘bidule’ mode when there is no PA.

How many languages are supported?

Linguali Event covers as many languages (and booths) and rooms as needed. In general for more than 12 languages or rooms then a project scope is prepared to find the optimal solution.

What about the quality of the sound?

Linguali respects the ISO 20109 standards pertaining to interpretation. In short, excellent!

What's the price? When do I pay?

Linguali charges for the number of participants per day. Depending upon the scope of the project there can be further charges for technicians, interpreters, servers, etc. 

What if my phone runs out of power during the event?

Most modern smartphones will last a full day running Linguali. We recommend that you tell attendees to charge their telephones before the event, and bring chargers with them.