Linguali interprets at the Microsoft Cloud demo day in Paris

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Linguali took care of the simultaneous interpretation at the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour, at number 104, Paris on the 23rd of January. Here’s why and how. Edit: the Video!
The Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour brings together app developers in the Microsoft Cloud. All six hours of demos and live coding were provided by Scott Guthrie; the executive VP of Microsoft Cloud himself!

At their Paris event, Microsoft offered English-French interpretation to its participants; through Linguali! By choosing Linguali, Microsoft is one of the first multilingual event organisers to move on from traditional interpretation systems.

We chose Linguali in order to offer an innovative yet simple solution, so that each of our participants could make the most of the presentations delivered by our American speakers
Phuong Ly Ngo Patron, head of events at Microsoft

Under the bonnet and in the booth

For this event, Linguali deployed our Linguali Event software, which consisted of a floor laptop, taking in the audio output for the sound desk, and an interpreter’s laptop in the booth, which performs all the functions of a console, and the two together were coordinating with the operation server on site. The live interpretation was broadcast to the participants via the Ruckus Wi-Fi network, deployed and managed by the agency Résolutions, which manages the network services at the Centquatre.

For an interpreter, Linguali is intuitive and even more simple than some standard consoles, and offers a great level of comfort with ISO audio
Alexandre Carayon, interpreter

Alexandre et James, interprètes de l'événement

Alexandre and James, the event interpreters

Thank you to Léni, Linguali’s partner, for providing the booth, thank you to CG Traduction & Interprétation, for sending Alexandre Carayon, interpreter, thank you to Matthieu Demais from Résolutions, for their perfect and amicable cooperation with our CTO, Jean-Baptiste Dusseaut

Thanks also to the honourable and diligent contacts, Justin Mottais and Gwendoline Dorol, from the agency CWT Meetings and Events, for deploying Linguali.

Finally, thank you to Phuong Ly Ngo Patron, head of events at Microsoft, for putting his trust in Linguali.

Linguali Event allows the simultaneous interpretation at events to stream directly into the smartphones of the participants. The number of participants is unlimited, permitting multi-booth, 2 interpreters per booth, Floor and Relay, real-time and ISO audio quality, supported by Viparis in France; Linguali Event really is the equipment-free interpreting solution which actually works.

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