Gathering information about the speakers and the program, preparing terminology, and ensuring you have everything in front of you on D-Day … Preparing your mission generates an important number of documents that can clutter your booth table very quickly. If you use Linguali-IS, you have got rid of all of the bulky equipment; it’s now time to do the same with the papers and equip your smartphone and your computer with the right tools.

An interpreter needs to be on point in terms of applications! Indeed, it is not always easy to have access to your documents, schedule, or to quickly share files directly from your phone, wherever you are.

That’s why we’ve chosen 4 applications that will help you organize yourself.

For 20€ per month, you can offer yourself a tool that will help your manage your glossary and assignments directly from your own computer !

Interpreter’s help is an application to prepare a conference properly : you can create, save, import, copy and export glossary from your computer, tablet or phone. Everything is stored in one place, easy to search while you’re in the booth, and you can even collaborate and share your documents with colleagues.

The application has a “Glossary farm” where you can find any term you need and share your own glossary with the community.

As a translator or interpreter you have to save and store a lot of information and document and it is very important to synchronize everything between your different devices.

In addition to Interpreter’s Help or alone, Evernote is an app that gather all of your documents, notes or essential files in one place ! It allows you to organize your tasks, create check-lists, boards, scan conference programs and of course, share it with your colleagues or team, and everything is automatically synchronized across your different devices.

Plus, thanks to optical character recognition, you can even find text in pictures and pdf documents !

Dropbox is THE application that helps you to store documents, videos, pictures and way more, directly from your computer in a shared file, and everything synchronizes real time !

Dropbox is particularly useful for confidential information, because everything you download is encrypted over a secure HTTPS connection. you can also share heavy folders sending a short link, even with people who don’t have Dropbox.

What we loved the most is the possibility to access the documents even without internet ! It is perfect to work on the train or plane when traveling.

Need to stay on top of the latest news in a particular field? try Flipboard !

Chose between a panel of interest: technology, entertainment, design, health, productivity, photography and read different articles, talks and infographics. You can collect all of your favorite articles, pictures and videos in a “Magazine” you can keep private or share with the community.

Bonus : you don’t use Linguali-IS yet ? Download now and make your work easier !

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