Event Name
Genfest 2018

Manila, Philipines / World Trade Center


16 languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Urdu, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Burman, Portuguese, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese

The annual Genfest festival attracts participants from around the world. The Genfest is a meeting of youth who want to show the world that universal fraternity, a united world, is an Ideal worth living for. Over the years, the Genfest has become a great festival of ideas, thoughts, and actions that inspire thousands of youth to change their life, their future and, finally, the world. The technical director of the event had benchmarked the different solution — as well traditional as digital — before choosing Linguali.

In order to provide up to 16 languages across two locations, Linguali set up a dedicated Linguali Event Server that was scaled to manage an event of this size. A Production Director was sent to Manila for ten days to oversee installation, configuration and monitor the system for the duration of the event. Participants from all corners of the globe were invited to install the Linguali app and bring their own headphones in order to access simultaneous interpretation.

The logistics of providing and deploying thousands of headsets for an event such as this was simply unfeasible for the organisers of the event. Linguali’s innovative technology was leveraged to supported Genfest’s ambition to increase language accessibility dramatically throughout the event.