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Nordic Business Forum



English, Russian, Finnish

The Nordic Business Forum is one of Europe’s largest events, drawing business leaders from across northern Europe to listen to the world’s leading business thinkers and leaders. The international nature of the event means that Nordic Business Forum has always provided simultaneous interpretation in Finnish and Russian. Renting and distributing thousands of participants headsets for an event of this size is a huge undertaking, the founders were looking for a smart digital solution to simplify access to interpretation

In partnership with Delingua, a Helsinki-based translation and interpretation agency, Linguali deployed equipment and software to provide interpretation across the entire event venue, meaning that people could even follow talks when they were not in the main conference area themselves. A live audio feed of the languages was also provided for seamless live streaming across social networks for a further 15,000 people.

After four Nordic Business Forum events, Linguali has proven itself to be the smartest and most reliable solution for the provision of simultaneous interpretation for an event of this magnitude. The ease with which Linguali can interface with other technologies supports Nordic Business Forum’s mission of remaining the preeminent European business conference.


Posted on

11 September 2018