The first Silent Event of Linguali

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Men fencing world cup “Challenge SNCF Réseau” was standing at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin on the 12th of May. Jean-Jacques Béna, ancient fencer, delivered its comments all along the competition. SNCF Réseau’s VIP’s guests could listen to him from the stands: first silent event for Linguali.
Challenge SNCF Réseau is the most prestigious World cup event for men in fencing. It brings together the best fencers. The competition took place on two days, separating solo and team competition.

Since 2 years, the SNCF Réseau has been offering live comments to its VIP guests. And this year it is via Linguali!
With the help of Jean-Jacques Béna, SNCF Réseau is one of the first event organizers to offer a silent event during a sporting event.

Our willingness to bring a commentator to precise both rules and each events of the matches, was to answer the demand that everyone coming to this world cup could benefit live comments. Live comments that could help people understanding concretely the precisions of the touch and the specific rules of fencing.
Matthieu Béjot, SNCF Reseau – Partnerships

Silent Event ?

For its first silent event, Linguali deployed the Linguali Event solution. It consists of an acquisition laptop and a neckband microphone for the commentator. Comments were circulated to VIPs via a Ruckus Wi-Fi hotspot network, deployed and managed by Resolutions.

This time, no interpretations, we simply broadcast the comments live.

Jean-Jacques Béna, consultant sportif Épée, ancien tireur d’escrime

Jean-Jacques Béna, sport consultant Fencing, ancient fencer

Thanks to Bastien Lefebvre, from Résolutions, new Linguali partner, for his perfect and cordial cooperation. As well to SNCF Réseau for having sent Jean-Jacques Béna, sports consultant Fencing.

We also thank Marie-Christine Guilloteau, from the agency Event and Partner, privileged contact for the Linguali deployment.

And lastly, thanks to Matthieu Béjot, Head of SNCF Réseau Partnerships, for trusting in Linguali.

Linguali Event allows the simultaneous interpretation at events to stream directly into the smartphones of the participants. The number of participants is unlimited, permitting multi-booth, 2 interpreters per booth, Floor and Relay, real-time and ISO audio quality. Supported by Viparis in France; Linguali Event really is the equipment-free interpreting and silent event solution which actually works.
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