At the Demo Day organised by Viparis last June, the Linguali Interpreting System was voted Best Events Innovation, in the Viva Technology category, by the customers of this manager of Paris’ main congress sites. The prize consisted of an invitation to the Viparis stand at Heavent.

For 16 years, Heavent has been the main meeting point for events prescribers and decision-makers. In 2016, it welcomed 14,000 visitors in all.

The Viparis stand at Heavent 2017

There was very little suspense: having been preselected as a finalist by the competition panel which was composed of professionals, big events buyers, the media and one agency, James Anderson spoke for 59 seconds of the allocated 2 minutes to present the pitch in just 5 slides; our fellow competitor, Bewi by Happy-Zone – an application for interactive conferences involving participants – had their turn. Then {drum-roll…} the results were announced.

And there we have it!

James Anderson accepting the award

A trophy which reaffirms the interest of the MICE professional in our innovation.

Furthermore, those 3 days on the Viparis stand, where we were particularly valued by the representatives of this impressive institution – thanks Stéphanie, Cécile and Salime – allowed us to strengthen the very keen interest of the market. We set up several meetings with major events sites, (very very) big accounts, leading MICE agencies…

Photo from Laurent Charon’s Twitter

A special thank you to Laurent Charon, our “sponsor” from Viparis, in charge of the innovation and a man who has very generously opened the doors of Paris events for us.

Linguali Event is the provider solution for the most demanding events: unlimited number of participants, multi-booth, two interpreters per console, real-time captured both on the floor and in relay.

No equipment: participants listen to the interpreter via their own smartphones: iPhones, most Android phones and soon the Web browser will be supported.

Exceptional audio quality: the interpreter and the participants experience a better audio quality than regular systems.

It’s so simple: on sites already equipped with Wi-Fi, Linguali is operational in just a few minutes, no matter how many booths there are to set up or how many participants are present.