Last week, Linkedin Editors featured Jonathan Rechtman, simultaneous interpreter at Cadence Translate. Video:

Since Linkedin is a conversation, a commenter offered Jonathan Rechtman the opportunity to share his thoughts on what speakers can do to be more mindful and supportive of the interpreter. Worth sharing. Here they are:

– try not to speak too quickly (or too slowly!)
– avoid reading directly from a text (and share it with the interpreter if you do)
– try not to use obscure jargon or acronyms without explaining them beforehand (or in the meaning)
– try to segment your speech into complete thoughts, and avoid overly complex parenthetical and run-on clauses.
– of course, the ABSOLUTE BEST THING you can do for your interpreter is make sure they are going into the speech with the appropriate context and preparation.

Learn more on Jonathan blog (a must-read!):
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