Linguali-IS Activation Guide

You have tried out our trial app, and you’re now ready to take the leap and start using Lingali-IS on assignments instead of your “bidule“. After having downloaded the Linguali-IS Windows installer that is now successfully installed on your laptop, it’s time to register with us and get your unique Customer Number.

Here is an example of a Linguali Customer Number that will be provided at the end of the registering process:

Here is a (sample) Linguali Customer Number as provided at the end of the registering process


There are 2 simple steps you need to take to get started:

  1. ✅ Check that your PC is connected to the internet, you won’t be able to start the activation process without it;
  2. 📋 Then highlight and copy your Customer Number (Ctrl+C) so it can be easily accessed later.

Once this has been done, launch the Linguali-IS Windows software.

Now you can activate Linguali-IS in as few as 4 steps:

Then, click on the bottom-right wheel icon to open the Settings Panel
1. From the Operations console, click on the wheel icon in the bottom-right hand corner to open the Settings Panel.


2. locate the field where to enter the Customer Number; click in it then Paste (Ctrl+V) the number you previously copied
2. Locate the field where you need to enter the Customer Number, then Paste (Ctrl+V) the number you copied earlier.


3. Validate clicking on the Set button; the app validates your registering online...
3. Click the Set button, then the app will check the validity of the number online…


4. Your name displayed signifies that the Customer Number have been validated online. You can click Close, to return to the operations console.
4. Once you see your name displayed on the screen, this means that the Customer Number have been validated online.
Click Close to return to the operations console.


You will no longer me limited to 20 minutes of use, and you can start using Linguali-IS for interpreting assignments.

🛠 Tip: If something doesn’t go as planned during the activation process, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the “Click to Talk” tab, at the bottom-right hand corner of this page, or by email at, or by joining your fellow interpreters on our Linguali Users Group on Linkedin.