Linguali was selected by Cap Digital as the SI system for the Franco-Mexican Digital Innovation Summit that took place at the Pierre et Marie Curie University of Paris on June 7th 2017. It would seem appropriate to use a digital innovation for interpreting services at a digital innovation event!

Our Parisien language services partner CG Traduction organised the interpreters for the event, and our technical partner, Conference Rental Paris, managed the set-up and provided the booth.

The event had about 100 participants, with approximately half of them requiring simultaneous interpretation. The organisers did an excellent job of informing participants before the event that they should install the Linguali mobile app on their smartphone beforehand, and come with their smartphone fully charged and their earphones. This really the most important aspect of ensuring that Linguali deployment goes smoothly, and it for this reason that we provide our partners with kits that provide email templates, projection slides and flyer models… with the Linguali requirements having been communicated in advance, participants arrived with their smartphones ready to go and things went without a hitch.

The PC that had been provided for the event was a few years old, with an Intel i5 processor. This is sufficient for a dozen or so participants, but is not ideal for larger events, so we used a more recent Microsoft Surface Pro with an i7 processor to ensure that everything went smoothly.

The interpreters were very open to trying Linguali for the first time: they found the sound quality excellent and the system very easy to use. Their interpreting was, needless to say, faultless. Many thanks to them.

Linguali also had the opportunity to save the day: during the afternoon the PA system dropped out (these things do happen, and no fault of Conference Rental I might add, it was the on-site system that was used), meaning that the interpreters could no longer hear the speakers from the booth. We were able to put a mobile phone in front of the speaker, and activate the microphone function in the Linguali mobile app, providing the interpreters with their essential audio-feed until the PA system was got working again.

Linguali has a fast-growing network of certified language and technical partners in most major cities: if you would like to join the network please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via and if you have an upcoming event that requires simultaneous interpretation, then please get in touch and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Many thanks to CG Traduction, Conference Rentals and the great team of interpreters for another successful Linguali event!

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