Linguali-IS for meetings and small events

The Linguali Interpreting System replaces the need for interpreting equipment at small conferences, meetings, workshops and round-table discussions. It allows speakers and participants to communicate with the on-site interpreter on their smartphones over the venue’s Wi-Fi. The interpreter application runs on the interpreter’s laptop and only requires a WiFi network (internet connection is not required), and the free mobile application for participants and speakers is available on IOS and Android.

Simultaneous Interpretation straight from your laptop PC

  • Linguali-IS software runs on your Windows PC
  • High quality sound for interpreters and participants
  • Up tp 60 connected participants
  • Any participant can become a speaker through their mobile device
  • Simple connection to PA sound desk
  • Compatible with all types of microphone
  • Up to 90% cheaper than traditional SI equipment
  • Fast and seamless deployment

Use Linguali-IS at Your Event

It is simple to deploy Linguali-IS for conference interpreting at your event. In many cases (for groups up to 60 people), no particular equipment is required, just the PC running Linguali-IS and a wireless router. For larger events with technicians, we recommend that they integrate Linguali-IS simultaneous interpreting on your behalf. This takes the pressure off interpreters and allows them to concentrate on what they do best, interpreting. If you would like more information or advice regarding using Linguali at your upcoming event, then please get in touch with us using the form below.

How does it work?

A few minutes before the event, the interpreter connects their laptop computer to the wireless network, and launches Linguali-IS. The event set-up page is then displayed.

On the event settings page, the interpreter choses the languages they wish to work in and the event name. The event is then live.

Once live, the event can be found by the users’ mobile application.

The Interpreter Console provides the basic interpreting features: allowing interpreters to switch between languages, set the volume and switch the microphone off.

The participant joins the same Wifi network as the interpreter and launches the free Linguali mobile app on their mobile device, and is automatically connected to the interpreting session.

The user then simply selects their language.

Watch a video of the Participant mobile app setup for Android mobiles or for Apple (iPhone / iPad).