Linguali Interpreting Configurations and Accessories

Linguali Configurations

Linguali-IS is extremely versatile and can be used in multiple audio configurations, here is an explanation of each possible set-up and the accessories required. If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on our LinkedIn user group page or at


In the basic configuration (very similar to that of using bidules), the interpreter listens to the speakers in the room without any headphones and speaks quietly into their microphone.

Basic with headphones

In the basic with headphones configuration, the interpreter listens to the speaker through a microphone connected to mobile device running Linguali-IS and with the microphone activated. The interpreter can then hear the speaker very clearly in their headset.


Sound desk integration

The sound desk configuration allows the interpreter to hear every speaker / microphone directly from the sound desk as is the case when working in a booth with a complete conference set up. Simply plug a mobile device into the sound desk XLR output using the XLR adapter cable, launch Linguali-IS and activate the microphone.

Recommended Linguali Accessories

Linguali-IS requires a minimal amount of accessories to cover all configuration requirements. here is a list of recommended accessories to ensure that you can handle any situation! While most accessories are available online (Amazon) in your country, if they are not, please contact us ( for assistance and we will be happy to assist in your sourcing your accessories.

Wireless Router

While Linguali-IS will work on the majority of wireless networks in a private office or elsewhere, public wireless networks that can be found in hotels, conference centers, etc. generally have a secure access portal and security settings that mean Linguali-IS will not function. Therefore we recommend that you carry a small portable wireless router with you to guarantee that Linguali-IS always works for you and your customers. For small groups of up to 60 people a good quality router that costs less than €100 is more than sufficient.
We recommend the AFOUNDRY Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router (available on Amazon)

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USB Microphone / Headset

Everyone has their preferred headset for interpreting, and there is no reason for you not to continue doing so! There are numerous headset and microphone configurations that are possible. It is important to ensure that you have a good quality, directional microphone that picks up your voice as clearly as possible, while ignoring other ambient sound. For one single interpreter on the console*, the Sennheiser PC 8 USB Headset with volume control and mute button is the ideal solution (available on Amazon):

  • Over the head binaural headphone
  • In-line volume control and mic mute

(* when you need to connect 2 interpreters on the console, then refer to the same type of headset with a mini-jack connexion)

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Microphone / Headset

In many situations, interpreters work by pairs. With Linguali, no need for separate consoles: 1 single laptop PC does the job. Two headsets connected to a headphone splitter and microphone aggregator allows to share the output and input signals for interpreting in pairs. Simply mute your microphone on the headset when you are not interpreting and you can continue to monitor the speaker.

  • Sennheiser PC 131 Binaural Headset with Volume Control and Microphone Mute
  • microphones aggregator: Rode Microphones SC6 Dual TRRS input and Headphone Output for Smartphones
  • output splitter: 1 Male to 2 Female 3.5mm Y Audio Splitter Headphone Adapter

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XLR Adapter

It is incredibly simple to integrate Linguali-IS with a sound desk. Just plug a mobile device running Linguali-IS into a sound desk using the CableJive ProJive XLR and activate the microphone and you get crystal clear sound straight into your headset, it’s like being in a booth! This cable retails for less than €40 Euros, is lightweight, easy to carry and a must to get the best out of Linguali-IS!

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…More Accessories

You can go further with Linguali-IS configurations to improve sound quality and for specific working environments. Because Linguali-IS runs on a PC and mobile devices, any regular audio equipment is compatible, so you really can try anything and find what works best for you. Here are a few configurations and accessories that we have tested.

iRig Pre

The iRig allows you to plug in a professional dynamic cardioid microphone into your PC microphone Jack. It amplifies that sound and provides the power that is required for this type of microphone. The iRig costs approximately €40 and can be very useful if you choose to use dynamic microphones for either listening to speakers or for your own voice.

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Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic microphones as used by singers and in professional audio studios provide excellent sound quality. They require and XLR adapter (see iRig) to be used effectively and can be for both speakers and interpreters. If you choose to use a dynamic microphone make sure that it is unidirectional, this means that it will only pick up your voice and not other sounds.
Our reference: Sennheiser E825-S Handheld Cardiod Dynamic Microphone with On/Off Switch (or equivalent)

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Lavalier / Lapel microphone

The lavalier microphone can be a great advantage when listening to a speaker that moves around the room. Simply connect to a connected mobile device running Linguali and plug in the lavalier microphone and you will be able to hear the speaker clearly, wherever they are!

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