On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, 400 French and foreign professionals from the event’s domains christened Europe’s biggest conference centre: The Paris Convention Centre.

The Viparis teams were in charge of setting up the third floor of the PPC – all 2.5 hectares of it! – to allow the guests to test out all the available configurations.

Thus, a “half-full session” was set up – for just 2,500 people – including the stage, the seats, the sound, lighting and video desk… A video of a French-speaking presenter was broadcast across the three enormous screens. To one side of the hall, an interpreting booth housed Marc, the conference interpreter who was supplied by the Parisian agency, CG Traductions. Marc was interpreting the speaker’s speech from French into English throughout. In the hall, the guests were able to listen to the translation.

So, a very simple display of simultaneous translation?

Not entirely, because apart from the booth and the interpreter, everything is different: you listen to the interpreter through your smartphone connected to the site’s Wi-Fi, the sound of the control room is also transferred to the booth through the network connection, and finally, in the booth itself, a software installed onto the interpreter’s laptop replaces the regular interpreter’s console!

Linguali all set up and ready to go at the launch

And that was how the guests of the launch were able to experience this exclusive Linguali demo on such a realistic scale.

The set-up was made possible thanks to the support which Viparis has given Linguali since the Vivatech Demo Day in June, following which Linguali was tried and tested with success in the Porte Maillot Palais de Congres, as well as participating at the Heavent fair in November. In fact, our system benefits from the modernised networks at the Viparis sites: at the PCC, a high-density network with 350 HP Aruba access points caters for 30,000 simultaneous connections. Some excellent teamwork with the IT network unit at the Viparis sites meant that deploying Linguali was quick and simple; and for the participant, a perfect Wi-Fi size calculation provided a flawless experience.

Laurent Chandon, first seller of Linguali IS, at the Viparis PCC launch

With a plenary session consisting of a staggering 5,200 places, in a space of 44,000m², the Paris Convention Centre is in the 7th Pavilion of the Porte de Versailles Paris Expo. Beyond that, the building offers 16-50 subcommittee rooms which are adjustable thanks to the movable soundproof partitions. For Viparis, “the objective for the next five years is to host 75 big events: including 55 international conferences and 20 major corporate events.” After the visit of the site, the guests were invited to enjoy a festive cocktail on the 4th floor – Terminal 7 – accompanied by a sound and light show, and back dropped by an unbeatable panoramic view over Paris.


Note : La vidéo de Emmanuelle Duez – au Positive Economy Forum – Le Havre 2015)

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Photo credit : agence Tétro, fxbodin