At many large events, the organisers rely on Simultaneous Interpretation for a smooth flow of conversation between multilingual participants. But, what are the precise reasons they choose simultaneous interpretation?

Time is precious:
With simultaneous interpretation services, there is no less than a few second delay in the communication of the information from one language to another. Consecutive interpreters take five times as long as simultaneous interpreters. Simultaneous Interpretation helps you  manage your time , without losing the message.

Keeping your audience attentive & focused:
Imagine having to read a book and pausing every five minutes. When the subject of your event requires particpants’ full attention, then you are putting yourself at a risk if you aren’t using simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation avoids the participants having to wait, potentially losing their patience and interest in the event.

Are you setting up a large event? Then this is a must do for you:
Simultaneous interpretation is an essential necessity if you are organising a large international event. As you try to keep up the attention of hundreds of participants who belong to different cultures, simultaneous interpretation can be your life saver!!

As we’ve seen the importance of simultaneous interpretation, it is worth noting that ‘Live Interpretation’ is obviously not a simple task faced with numerous of languages, content or formality of the event. There is however, one way to make the whole thing a lot easier: Linguali provides an innovative and cost effective solution for your international events. Linguali is the world’s first simultaneous interpreting solution that requires no receivers or internet access for participants, who use their mobile device (iOS & Android) to listen to the interpreter over the local WiFi network.

Linguali is hands down your most effective option. It is also much more cost effective as you do not need to rent participant headsets, Linguali-IS can reduce your simultaneous interpreting budget from 50% – 90% depending upon your configuration and the size of the event.

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